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Star Citizen - Recruitment / Application - Agasutin
« on: March 28, 2015, 12:00:42 AM »
Your SC display name: *include link to it*

A/S/L: (we do have an minimum age requirement of +16)

Gaming Background: **+1 for experience in planetside 1 or 2. ** *Please include links to stats page, youtube or twitch, words are good, proof is better*
Never got serious about PS1, played the beta but was busy with SWG to play it at live. As for PS2 never had a group to get serious about it, but outside of that I've been gaming on the master race for over 25 years ever since I saw my dad playing Wing Commander on the Apple something or another.

How do you expect to play star citizen:
Make credits, crush people,  not particularly in that order, but both at once if/when possible.

Why are you interested in joining FC?
Looking for a SC crew, and a friend sent me a link (Sukumei), he thinks you are worth joining, so I'll give it a shot.

What ships do you own and what do you expect fly the most?
A Super Hornet & A Super Hornet, unless a more optimal dog-fighter gets released.

Optional Info:
Any thing else you wish to add?
Optional Question #1
The one with the laser rifle, scanner, and combat armor. Good accuracy, low ap cost & no reload, and can take a shot and not die (fuck aliens and their plasma).

Optional Question #2
The red one, because of red.

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